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Introductory Classes in September

Ages 6-7 Ages 8-14 Ages 15+
Saturdays 10:00am Thursdays 5:30pm
Saturdays 10:30am
Saturdays 11:30am
Enroll any time. No equipment purchase required for first 4 classes.

Is fencing safe?

Yes! Fencing is safer than badminton! Many popular sports such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and football have higher incident rates of accidents. Maryland Fencing Club complies with the United States Fencing Association's rigid safety standards for fencing equipment and training.

What are the benefits?

10 Benefits of Fencing for Children

Fencing develops physical and mental fitness, speed, and agility. Fencers get in great cardiovascular shape and learn to think quickly on their feet in an Olympic sport that is a combination of boxing and chess. According to a recent Columbia University article, fencing encourages development of logic, and can help kids learn science and math principles.

Do women/girls fence?

Absolutely! Many of our top achieving fencers are women, and we have several women instructors.

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What is fencing?

An Olympic sport since the first modern games in 1896, fencing evolved from 16th century European sword dueling. It combines the speed of boxing, the strategy of chess, and the agility of gymnastics. Fencing has been an NCAA sport since 1941. Bel Air Middle School and other Harford county public schools teach fencing as part of their physical education. It's a fun way to get in shape and make new friends!

Chad and Morgan Feb. 2011

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3011 Emmorton Rd. Abingdon, MD

When can I start?

You may sign up for a trial lesson or enroll in an on-going introductory class at any time.

What is the cost?

Introductory classes are $60/month for one class/week, $95/month for two classes/week.

What equipment do I need?

Since fencing is a sport (i.e. an athletic activity), you need athletic clothing: a (non-collared) t-shirt, athletic pants which fully cover the legs, socks which fully cover the foot and ankles, athletic shoes that fully lace-up and have good traction. If we have your size available, new students do NOT need to purchase jacket or glove for the first 4 classes. After the first four classes, students will need to purchase a jacket and glove. Click here for details. We provide all other necessary equipment.

How do I register?

You can register online (via this web site) with a credit card, or you may register in-person with a cash or check. Check payments incur a $10 check fee.

Are there any contracts/long-term committments?


Where are you located?

Our main location is 3011 Emmorton Road in Abingdon, just south of Walgreen's, next to Rita's Water Ice. It is just 5 minutes from I-95: Take exit 77B (north on Route 24) and turn right on Emmorton Road.

Can I just come in and watch a class?

Yes, visitors are always welcome during any group class.

Is this club just for beginners?

No. We have a sizable group of fencers that regularly compete in U.S. Fencing Association competitions, and we have several fencers with USFA classifications. Our coaching staff has extensive experience competing and coaching at local and national levels.

Contact us at info@marylandfencing.com or (410) 929-3889