3011 Emmorton Rd. Abingdon (next to Rita's)

15 minutes north of White Marsh at I-95 Exit 77B
1 mile north of Wegmans in Abingdon

JUNE 20-24, JUNE 27 - JULY 1

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Prices as of Sept. 2015

High School & Adult
Elite Includes 2 weekly private lessons, all group classes, and all open bouting. $250/mo.
Varsity Includes 1 weekly private lesson, all group classes, and all open bouting. $180/mo.
Junior Varsity Includes all group classes and all open bouting. $110/mo.
Beginner New students only. Includes 1 hour of group instruction per week and open bouting after the class (classes and open bouting must be same days/times each week with no substitutions/make-ups). $85/mo.
Open Bouting Includes all open bouting sessions (no classes or lessons, experienced fencers ages 18+ only). $80/mo.




Elementary & Middle School
Youth Elite Includes 2 private lessons and all group classes and open bouting (no age limit on classes). $250/mo.
Travel Team Includes 1 private lesson and all group classes and open bouting (no age limit on classes). $180/mo.
Rec League Includes 3 middle school group classes per week. Must be Yellow rank or higher. $110/mo.
Beginner Includes 1 beginner class per week (same class each week). Student must purchase jacket and glove (approx. $50). After 4 months, students grade 5 or higher must upgrade to Rec League, Travel Team, or Youth Elite. Grade 4 and lower may remain in beginner class. $60/mo.

Private Lessons: Individual private lessons are available for club members and guests at $40 per lesson or $120 for 4 lessons. To book private lessons outside of a club membership, please see Coach Paye in-person at the club.

Floor Fees: USFA Competitive members from other clubs are welcome to join us for open bouting, $30/week.

Payment methods & terms: Credit card (at the club or via web site subscription payments), cash, or check. Paying in-person at the club by check or credit card for monthly dues requires an additional check fee of $10 per month (no fee for Paypal or cash payments). Cash and check payments are due by the 7th of each month; there will be a $20 late fee assessed after the 8th, and every 7 days (15th, 22th, 29th) after that.
Refunds: Refunds will be issued either electronically via Paypal or physically by check. For Paypal monthly payments, refund requests must be written in an e-mail to info@marylandfencing.com and submitted at least five (5) days in advance of the date of next billing date, and acknowledged as received by staff. After three (3) business days after billing, reversals are no longer available, but refunds as exchanges for club services will be available. After the 15th of the month, it is no longer possible to request a refund. Refunds via check may take up to 30 business days to process. There are no cash refunds.
USFA Membership Required: All fencers Yellow rank and higher must be Competitive members of the United States Fencing Association ($70/year, see usfencing.org to sign up).
Club Representation Required: All fencers who subscribe to any of the membership plans above must designate Maryland Fencing Club as the primary club which they represent in USFA competition.
Group Make-ups/Substitutions: Beginners may substitute/make-up a missed class if there is an equivalent class for the same age group on another day. There are no make-ups or substitutions for non-beginner group classes and open bouting.
Weekly Lesson Policies: Given their reduced price, weekly private lessons as part of Elite, Varsity, and Travel Team memberships are subject to normal club closings (holidays, vacation, etc.). When a fencer misses a lesson, he/she is responsible for any re-scheduling of lessons or make-ups by swapping with other fencers' lessons or finding a mutually convenient day/time with the coach. Fencers must give 24 hours' notice of any re-scheduling or make-up. Weekly lessons start times are approximate, but if the coach cannot start a lesson within 20 minutes of the posted start time, the fencer may ask to re-schedule a lesson on another day.
Right of Refusal: The club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

email: info(at)marylandfencing.com